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Pop Under Advertising

Advertisingz.com specializes in Pop Under Advertising as pop-unders general earn several times moremoney than traditional banner advertising.  Pop-Under refers to browser windows that are silently opened behind a current web surfer's viewing window, thus, ensuring that a visitor is not disturbed from their surfing experience.

Earn More with Pop-Unders
Chances are you are currently not displaying pop-unders on your website.  This is due to the fact that most advertising networks out there only sell banner ads.  If you want to earn more money from this hidden resource that you may not even know existed, our Advertising Program may be just the ticket.

Would Pop Under Annoy my site visitors?
Our ad-serving technology ensures that only ONE pop-under is served per unique visitor to your website.  Experience tells us that this is an un-obstusive (unlike pop-ups) method to serve ads and visitors do not feel annoyed with 1 ad-view per day from a website.

What about pop-up blockers?
Your ad will be served only to visitors that do not already  have a pop-up blocker installed on their personal computers.  Thus, we will not deliver ads to people who already opted out to receiving such ads (pop unders).


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